The Arab Social Media Report series was initiated by the Governance and Innovation Program at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (formerly the Dubai School of Government) in 2011. It aims to enhance regional understanding of the impact of social media on societies, development and governance in the Arab region. During the past years, the findings of the series have contributed to global policy and scholarly discourses. They have informed decision making across multiple disciplines by providing regional data and in-depth analysis on the role of social media in development and digital transformations in the Arab region. The key objective of the report is to explore the following questions: (1) How are societies and governments using social media across the Arab region? (2) What are the demographic, gender and language usage trends? (3) What factors affect the adoption of social media in the Arab states? (4) What is the impact of the phenomena on public engagement, participation and social inclusion? (5) How is social media impacting governance and public policy in the region?