Knowledge Project Webinar – Economies are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 which has come to affirm that what happens there happens here. As countries are implementing exceptional measures and policies, economies are collapsing at an unparalleled rate. The IMF projects a 3% collapse in the global economy compared to a 0.1% shrink in 2009, amid the global financial crisis which was considered as the most serious after the Great Depression. With unemployment waving up, financial markets crashing and trade plunging, economies are urged to act pragmatically and deliver immediate and inclusive responses and mobilize supplementary resources to address the pressing social and economic challenges. Is enough being done? What can be further done and what are the next steps?

The Global Economy in the Time of COVID-19: From Revitalization to Responsiveness

Date: Monday 4 May 2020

Time: 16:30 Beirut time

The full webinar is available on this link:



Rima Younis El-Khatib, Chairperson of the UNDP-SIDA Trade and SDG’s Working Group for Arab States

Dr. Khalid Al-Wazani, Chairman of Jordan Investment Commission (JIC)


Dr. Hany Torky, Chief Technical Advisor, Knowledge Project, UNDP


Conversation on:

How did the pandemic impact the global economy, partnerships and financing? Will governments be able to sustain their interventions?

The great lockdown – will trade flows and patterns be redirected? What is the future of supply chains?

How could the Global Knowledge Index help understand the impacts of COVID-19 on the future of knowledge economy?