The Knowledge4All is an initiative seeking to establish a digital reference hub for all researchers, professionals, students, stakeholders and the general public in relation to the various data and publications on knowledge-related topics. The initiative is currently focused on Arabic and English resources involving the Arab region, in addition to theoretical and conceptual work about knowledge, namely from a development perspective, e.g. knowledge and development, knowledge localisation, youth and knowledge, youth formation, knowledge spheres, knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination across local, regional and international spheres, to mention a few sample areas of interest. 
The Knowledge4All initiative builds on the years-long expertise of the Arab Knowledge Project team, a partnership between UNDP and MBRF that was established in 2007. Until date, the project has published three reports about knowledge in the Arab region, with work in progress for devising a pioneering Arab Knowledge Index initiative, alongside the efforts of establishing this referential digital portal, Knowledge4All.
The importance of such an initiative stems from the central role of knowledge in the development of modern day societies, and from the deficiency in data and publications about the knowledge scene and its various components in the Arab region. We hope that the establishment of such a hub will facilitate and further promote research about knowledge in the Arab region, and thus contribute to the better development of the region.
The Knowledge4All initiative is currently an open not for profit initiative. Submissions are welcome in different forms including article submissions, links to publications, data files, and event sharing -with reference to topics directly related to knowledge in the Arab region.
This initiative is a joint partnership between UNDP and MBRF.